When Crafts Collide: A Sewn Wooden Ottoman

Sewn wood veneer ottoman

Designers Anastasiya Koshcheeva and Oya-Meryem Yanik have done the impossible by creating a simple, stunning piece of furniture with a sewing machine. Ok, sewing wood isn’t impossible, but it certainly is an incredible idea with possibilities that these two designers have only begun to explore.

The Chester ottoman was the results of these Berlin designers exploration into joinery without the use of glue. On first look you might think they literally ran a piece of wood through a sewing machine. However, the process was a little more complicated. The designers do not reveal how they created the surface but I would speculate that they sewed thin hardwood veneer onto a sheet of quilt batting. Then, the quilted sheet is mounted onto a laminated ottoman form. After writing this post I might have to steal like an artist and get my wife, an avid quilter, involved on an ottoman of our own. Maybe you’ll be seeing a DIY post in the near future on how to make something similar!

Sewn veneer ottoman

sewn veneer wood

Check out more pictures and read the artist statement over at Design Milk.