Make This: How to Transfer Your Photos to Wood

Transferring A Print To Wood

I’ve seen plenty of tutorials out there detailing how to transfer prints onto wood. This simple project will turn your prints into something uniquely yours.I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel that a frame doesn’t do a great print justice. An exceptional picture needs an incredible display and transferring it to wood makes it really stand out on the wall. I’ve transferred a few prints myself with varying levels of success, so don’t plan on it looking as good as the tutorial from themetapicture right from the start. But with a bit of practice you’ll be proudly putting some one-of-a-kind prints on your wall.

Transfer Photo To WoodWhile most get into extensive details, this tutorial goes the other direction and highlights great photos showing how it works from fresh print to finished product.  The minimal descriptions are a bit saucy, but filled with enough detail to be useful so look past the sailor’s mouth and you’ll find a good weekend project.

Transfer Prints To Wood