How to Cook a Fish Like Ernest Hemingway (Hint…There’s Bacon)

Ernest HemingwayIf there’s one thing you should read by Ernest Hemingway, it’s his bizarrely specific hamburger recipe (just kidding, go read For Whom The Bells Tolls. Do it now). But what’s less known is the number of other unique recipes the simplistic author kept at his disposal.   

Bacon TroutIn October, the boys at Huckberry tasked Chad Brealey of Salt, Fresh, & Field (click on that link) to head to the Canadian foothills with his fly fishing rod and catch, clean, and cook some bacon-wrapped trout just like Hemingway himself would have done in the 1920’s. 

Bacon TroutIt’s a fun/quick read and the recipe sounds incredible, plus you’ll get to use that cast iron skillet you’ve been waiting to bust out. Check out the article and recipe here.