Weekend Project: Make a DIY Growler Tote from an Upcycled Pair of Jeans

created at: 11/07/2014

The growler is a great way to transport beer to a buddy’s house to to a party, and allow you to share and enjoy a greater variety of brews than what you can find in six pack. But, what about transporting the actual growler itself? The handles are small and slippery, and the whole thing is made of fragile glass. So, awesome if you’re got someone to hold in their laps on the passenger seat, but what if you’re walking, cycling, taking transit, or driving solo?   Enter this DIY growler tote, a simple denim sling bag sized just right for transporting 64 oz. of tonight’s agenda.

It’s constructed from an old pair of jeans (bonus points for reuse) and a bit of batting to help protect the glass.  The project uses both sides of the denim for a little color variation, and the tutorial comes complete with a full-sized pattern so you can cut each piece perfectly.

Get the full how-to by Good Denim for Dark Rye magazine: Sew a Tote