Guy Creates an Amazing DIY Engagement Ring Box

Amazing Ring Box

Reddit user curtisabrina pulled out all the stops when he wanted to give his girlfriend a ring. He built the entire thing from milling the wood to machining the metal parts. This is one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen. Someone should tell Tiffany and Co. about this fella.    

First he designed everything

Amazing Ring Box

Then, using a CNC machine, he milled the wood and metalAmazing Ring Box He even milled a custom key to trigger the opening mechanism.

Amazing Ring Box

There’s even a custom made ring box!

Amazing ring box

I’m totally floored.

Curtisabrina said he spent over 200 hours on this project, 36 of that was machining. That’s some serious dedication! I’d say it’s well worth it. Now where can I get my own CNC machine…

See the entire process over on Reddit