Do Try This at Home: It’s Impossible to Break an Egg in One Hand

created at: 10/14/2014

You know that folk rumor where you can supposedly only stand an egg on its end during the vernal equinox, and how its totally false and nothing to do with the day of the year?

Turns out, there’s another interesting viral-like tale that its impossible to crack an upright egg using only your hand.  I’d never heard of this one until I read this post on The Kitchn this morning, and, of course, I immediately grabbed an egg and went outside to put it to the test. 

created at: 10/14/2014And…it’s amazing.  You can’t do it. Well, I couldn’t. I reckon I’m an average adult man with average adult man strength, perhaps even a slightly stronger hand strength due to some of my hobbies and activities. 

But? With egg in  an upright, vertical position? Nothing. See, an egg shell is thin, so when we crack an egg for breakfast by applying force to a small area, it causes direct strain on a small area, which breaks. But, in your palm, the force is distributed evenly over the shell, and the shell absorbs it. 

created at: 10/14/2014If you hold the egg horizontally, its possible to break it, but not easy. I was able to do it without fingernails or my wedding ring even with my left hand. But it took a few minutes, and its surprising how difficult this was, as well. 

Cool, huh? Give it a shot and post your results in the comments below.