Oct 13, 2014

How to Tip [i.e. Everything You Don't Know About Tipping]

created at: 10/13/2014

While proper tipping is a sign of a good manners, knowing how much- and when to- is one of those life skills I think I was supposed to pick up by osmosis. Generally speaking I’ve done my best to lean on the generous side, but I’ve definitely guessed my way through a handful of social situations. Thankfully, this long-form article written by an academic - and former waiter - takes a look at some of the large-scale statistics on tipping in different situations across America.   

created at: 10/13/2014

Synthesizing information from a variety of resources (including the only “tipping expert” I’ve ever heard of), this piece on Wait But Why offers an incredibly informative how-to guide for customers that will come in handy to any modern man. Check it out in full: 

Everything You Don’t Know About Tipping



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