How to: Make a DIY Rustic Wood Clock from Scrap Wood

Every DIYer has that pile of extra scrap wood sitting in a bin from the last project. You know, the pieces gather dust until a free afternoon when I go rummage through the pile and make something worth hanging on the wall. Like this scrap wood clock, an awesome option because there is so much that can be done customize the face and hands to match your style.

created at: 10/06/2014

The main character of a clock is the face, which can be weathered, sized , and endlessly styled with numbers. Some people choose to skip the numbers or add other markings instead. Ashley’s gone for a shabby chic look here, but the beauty of DIY is that it can be matched to everything else on that’s on your walls, in your taste.

To make it, select, select and assemble your pieces and then cut to final size, then add a finish with paint, stain and  more sanding.  Add mounting brackets and cut a hole the hole for the clock mechanism. Numbers can be vinyl stickers, hand painted, or stencils, depending on available materials and whether you trust your proficiency with a paintbrush.

Take a look at the full tutorial here for additional details on this project here:

Rustic Wooden Clock Tutorial [Cherished Bliss]