Who Drew the Sriracha Rooster? Apparently, No One Knows…

As far as iconic food images go, the Sriracha rooster has gotta be in the top five. It’s got all the style and positive associations of the product, but avoids the overt marketing images of a Tony the Tiger or Mr. Peanut or even the Kool-Aid Man. Oh yeah.    

So, who made it? Turns out, no one, not even the founder of the company, knows the name of the street artist who drew it. Rebecca Katzman reports for Modern Farmer,

The genesis of this iconic image took place back in the ‘70s, on the streets of a war-ridden Vietnam. David Tran, Vietnam native and founder of Huy Fong Foods, stumbled upon a street artist. Tran asked for a drawing of a rooster, and the rest was history.

As far as the “why the rooster” question – there’s a reason. Several, in fact. Check out the article in full: Who Drew the Rooster on the Sriracha Bottle?  [via Kottke.org]