The Gentleman’s Organization, Part I: DIY Watch Case and Sunglass Storage

Drilling Sunglasses Line Hole

Nice accessories can really bring together an outfit, be it a watch, cufflinks, or a classic set of sunglasses. But keeping all these classy pieces organized and in good condition can be a huge task as they begin to pile up on a closet shelf. Take a look at these projects to tame that clutter and class up your closet.

1. DIY Watch Case  Handmade Watch Case

A quality watch is more than a timepiece. It is a statement of class that blends well with life. But soon enough, one watch turns into five and they start to pile up on the dresser or get lost on the kitchen counter. The folks over at Ray and Day have a great tutorial that converts a cigar box into a six watch case that keeps shiny watches safe and always in their place.

2. Handmade Leather Sunglasses Holder Reclaimed Wood Sunglass Line Credit: Ecosalon []

Sunglasses are bulky, fragile, and hard to find when you need them. This easy to make wall unit from Ecosalon makes it a cinch to avoid scratched lenses. Pick out a nice piece of wood and finish to match your design, then a few drilled holes, a length of bungee, and you’ve got a finished product worthy of protecting those sweet shades. One of the greatest parts of this project is the ability to customize the cord and wood to fit the style of the room.

Part 2 of this series will look at upgrading the shoes care kit and building in a charging station to tame all those cables so stay tuned for more.