Fall Grilling: 5 Tasty Recipes to Keep You Cooking Outside this Autumn

Fall Grilling

Even though summer has run it’s course, don’t put away that grill just yet. We’ve come up with 5 exceptional fall recipes that are sure to bring out the best of this fall weather. Cold weather eating should include hearty portions, thick sauces, and bold flavors that inspire a long evening nap next to the fire.

1. Grilled Margherita Sandwiches

Grilled Margherita Sandwich

This grilled sandwich combines exceptional flavors into a crispy seasoned spread full of warm melted cheese, spicy basil, and tart tomatoes. When I have people over, I generally set out some fresh mozzarella and basil with a oil balsamic vinegar dip; so wrapping it up in a sandwich really bumps it up a notch. The prep time on this meal is about 25 minutes, so keeping these ingredients handy would be a great idea for an impromptu get-together. 

2. Grilled Jalapeno Stuffed Burgers

Grilled Jalapeno burger

Juicy Beef wrapped around spicy jalapenos with cream cheese. You heard that incredible combination right. This burger can be customized for each guest depending on preference, we substituted ciabatta bread for a bit less bun with all the taste. Keep in mind – the burgers tend to fall apart if you get too generous in the stuffing, sometimes a bit less really is best.

3. Orange Ginger Grilled Salmon Steaks

Grilled Ginger Salmon Steak

If you’re out there enjoying the fall Salmon run then this is an excellent way to share the wealth with your friends. Salmon steaks are thick and juicy with plenty of flavor to balance out heavy seasonings and a bold ginger spice. The steaks cook fast so not too much time has to be spent out at the grill missing all the fun inside. Marinade the fish for up to 2 days for a deep flavor, but anything over an hour should be enough to get a great taste. 

4. Grilled Chicken Tacos

Grilled Chicken Tacos

Although this could be called a late summer meal, it still has enough flavor to hold up to the cool evening weather. One of the great things about tacos is the ability for everyone to serve up their own meals, and I love how it tends to keep the conversation going while  assembling all that grilled goodness. Firing up the onions and chicken together brings a real smoky flavor to the tacos which balances well with the lime juice and cilantro. Prep time on this meal is about an hour, so be sure to plan ahead to avoid last minute rushing before the meal.

5. Grilled Oysters On The Halfshell

Grilled Oysters On The Halfshell with Grilled Proscuitto & Mignonette

Ah, the wonderful oyster. If you happen to live in a place where oysters are plentiful this is a must for the fall. While this feast isn’t for everyone, grilled half-shells are an easy way to enjoy this bounty of the sea. Grilling up the shellfish adds a clean smoky flavor, while adding in the proscuitto gives a solid heft to the taste. Pair this heady meal with a romaine lettuce salad for a well-rounded cold weather meal.

So don’t stow away that grill just yet, just grab your jacket and get back to cooking up some exceptional outdoor meals.