How to: Make a Faux Vintage Industrial Metal Sign

created at: 10/06/2014

As much as we love the warm feel of wood textures, sometimes the cool touch of metal is the way to go. Industrial and modern, metal signs offer stark lines and muted colors that tend to fit well hanging in any masculine space.

But, metal can be feisty to work with and requires complex equipment, so it’s not always a great  weekend DIY project for the uninitiated

But! Making these letters and shapes out of wood then finishing with a metal patina is definitely the way to go. Corey figured out how to do just that to create this vintage road sign-inspired project. The trick? Carriage bolts, and metallic spray paint.

Variations could include lighting, rust treatments, or even a shiny chrome finish; it’s really up to your imagination. But one thing is for sure, an afternoon spent crafting these is going to churn out some great results. Large letters or funky shapes can be made in just about any size with this lengthy post from Corey over at Stitches2Sawdust