A Handmade Coffee Routine Can Seriously Improve Your Creativity

The act of making an intentional cup of coffee in the morning – not just pressing a button or grabbing a to-go cup from your neighborhood shop or street vendor – has, no doubt, benefits to the flavor of your coffee. But, like many good and simple things in life, it could have a positive impact on your creativity and productivity as well.    Fast Company explores the morning routine of Circa CEO Matt Galligan, and how his intentional coffee routine serves, in a way, as his morning meditation. 

Rebecca Greenfield reports, “His coffee routine is time- and concentration- intensive for so early in the morning on a work day. But not only does it result in ‘superior coffee,’ according to Galligan, it forces him to focus intensely on one thing for a moment. That thoughtfulness, in theory, translates to the rest of his day. If he can train his mind to focus on coffee, once he sits down to work he will better concentrate on building product for his popular news app, he says. Psychologists say that we can train our brains to focus better, like any muscle.”

And apparently, the idea of a morning routine is a common productivity technique of inspiring creatives. Check out the piece in full: 

The Creative Benefits of an Intense Coffee Routine