The Art of the Shave

Whether its our birthright or our burden (or, like most things, somewhere right in between) men gots to shave they faces. While we’ve been doing it for years, there’s always room for improvement, to both care for your skin, minimize cutting, and getting the finish you want.   While this subject has been covered, in depth and at least 1000 times on the internet, I still appreciate a succinct summary that creates solid results. I think this guide on the Kaufmann Mercantile blog succeeds in that realm, and it’s definitely worth a look. 

It begins, ” For something we do every morning, shaving is a simple art that every man should master – and hopefully enjoy. Whether you’re breaking out the complete mug and brush set or keeping things straight-forward, here are a few easy tips for smooth execution.” 

The Art of the Shave []