How to Draw: A Guide for Makers, Crafters, and Designers

Despite advances in technology, most projects still begin where great projects always begin: with a pencil and a piece of paper.       Of course, this works better if you can actually use the pencil and paper to render what you’re imagining in your head. If you, like me, are one of majority creatives who love to make art and design new things but weren’t born with the natural gift of drawing, it can be difficult and sometimes even embarrassing to try to get your inspiration down, especially if you need to share with other people. 

So, Instructable intern rlciavar offers this: a complete drawing guide for makers. He walks you through simple mark making, shape construction, perspective, and then drawing 3D structures from basic geometric shapes.

The series is ongoing, but there are five published thus far, and each is worth a browse: 

Check ’em out! If you have tips or techniques you love for sketching out ideas that hopefully look like the finished thing you hope to create, please share them in the comments below.