Jul 30, 2014

Blow My Mindsday: July 30, 2014

Each Wednesday, I post some of my favorite can't-miss links, images, and otherwise mindblowing goodies from across the web.

Colorado-based illustrator Ryan Putham pays homage to some of his favorite film characters by laying out their most iconic accessories  and clothing. Above is Yukon Cornelius, and here's a little Marty McFly: 

See them all at RyanPutn.am [via CreativeBloq]


Your favorite summer cocktail... in popsicle form.


created at: 07/30/2014It's the 25th anniversary of the Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique, and Tim Carmody celebrates in some seriously good ways on Kottke.org. 


Apparently, most carrots used to be purple. And didn't really exist before the 16th century. Check out their interesting history at The Kitchn.


This dude built a Pizza Kettle clone for only $20 in parts. "All you need is a roll of steel flashing, 8"x25', four 6" lag or carriage bolts, and two 3" hex bolts. Scrap wood for handles and a tin snips." 




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