Jul 14, 2014

Coffee Cups from Around the World

created at: 07/14/2014

Henry Hargreaves is a professional food photographer, and gets plenty of opportunities to travel to countries across the globe. At each new place, Henry takes the chance to document an interesting cross-cultural phenomenon: to-go coffee cups.    created at: 07/14/2014

Cool Hunting reports, beginning with a quote from the photographer:

I've always been interested in coffee shop culture," Hargreaves shares...and it was one cup at NYC's The Smile that initiated the project. "They've got a nice little stamp. It felt like something beautiful. As I was walking around the city, it caught people's eye. The to-go cup is the best piece of advertising for coffee shops, but not everyone gives it enough attention." Reactions to the cup and its stylings intrigued Hargreaves and he began wondering about how the rest of the world was branding cups, even asking, "Can you tell a coffee by its cup?" An additional observation that there is a level of curiosity (sometimes judgement) passed on people carrying coffee cups finalized Hargreaves' commitment to a global comparison.

Check out the full story for more: Henry Hargreaves' Coffee Cups of the World [CoolHunting.com]




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