Weekend Project: Make a Wooden iPad or Tablet Case

Sometimes, a project is born from a flash of inspiration. Sometimes, from a desire to work with a specific material or amazing length of wood or side of leather. But most times, a project is born from the fact that you don’t have one, and you’d like to.   

Mike from Tinkering Monkey says, “We recently got our hands on the new iPad Mini. I’ve been enjoying the small size, especially when bringing it along to a café. I was looking for an interesting hard case for it, but didn’t really find anything that I liked. So, I made one instead.”

Mike walks you through the process, including helpful step-by-step photos for each cut and component. There aren’t any specific measurements, but you can use his build process to create a case customized for your device.

See the whole post at Tinkering Monkey: A Wooden Case for the iPad Mini