How to: Give Your Existing Bike a New Coat of Paint

created at: 07/16/2014

Bikes are relatively simple machines. Which means: unless they’re totally rusted a rotted out, they don’t really “go bad,” and any old bike – either a forgotten one in your garage or a find at the secondhand store – can be lubed up and become ready to ride.
Except, of course, for the frame color. But that’s no matter, cause you can easily give it a fresh coat yourself.

Taking your bike for a paint job can be pricey, sometimes more than $100 depending on the color (and season, usually summer can be more expensive as they are busier).how to paint your bike

No need to spend extra money when you have a tutorial like this one by We Can Make Anything. You can use the money you saved to get you a new helmet or perhaps a new lock…or a beer.

It may seem scary at first to disassemble your bike, but as the tutorial shows, simply take a few photos with your phone so you remember where everything goes. Easy. You can label smaller things in case you can’t figure it out (use a little tape and sharpie to make them).

Best of all, by the end of this project you’ll have a customized bike with shiny new colour that will protect it from the elements for months to come.

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