How to: Build a Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Side Table from Scratch

created at: 07/07/2014

This sharp DIY furniture project is not only made from easy-to-find materials you can snag any any big-box style home improvement center, but the total cost for supplies hovers around $75. And for that reasonable sum and a couple of hours of work, you can net yourself one of these:      

 Mandi says, “This midcentury modern-inspired side table is only moderately difficult to build, so it’s a good project for beginner woodworkers who are looking to kick it up a notch. You have plenty of options to customize this table to fit your own needs (coffee table, night stand, side table), and of course you can use different joinery techniques, though I opted for a relatively simple pocket-hole technique which I’ll show you in the steps below.”

Get the full how-to at [one of my favorite craft and DIY sites] A Beautiful Mess: Midcentury Modern Side Table DIY