How to Wash and Detail Your Car in 15 Minutes

created at: 07/03/2014

If you find yourself with a day off this holiday weekend and a bit of free time before the festivities really start, take advantage of the opportunity to get something done: like cleaning out your car. (Presuming, of course, you own a car. Same goes for bikes or even your day bag where you stash your bus pass.)   Like fireworks and grilling, washing your car in the driveway is a summertime ritual. But, as Valet asks, “but do you really have the time for the whole bucket of suds and a wax job?” Of course not, there are barbecues to attend. Instead, “get a gleaming ride in minutes with a few key products and a roadside car wash.” 

15 minutes, that is. 

Devote the first 8 minutes to the exterior, including some prep work before you actually drop quarters in the machine. Then, detail out the interior and vacuum. Repeat every month or two, and you’ll never have to devote an entire day in the driveway again. 

Detail Your Car (In 15 Minutes)