How to: Make a Simple, Go-To Minimalist Tote Bag

You know those days when you have stuff, and you need to move it? Like, the errand-running days: exchange movies at the library, go to the post office, stop by the hardware store, go snatch a six-pack to take to your buddy’s house tomorrow…those kinda things. A backpack would be overkill and your messenger bag or brief case is too small. You need a haul-anything tote.

I like this simple leather and canvas DIY option by Renske Solkesz. The brown and white is gender neutral enough, though you could go with an unbleached canvas all around, or add some olive drab for a more masculine look. 

The “yin-yang” style top is pretty cool, and allows for the single handle, though you could go for two if you’ll be hauling extra-heavy stuff. 

Get the full how-to: Renske’s Minimalist Tote Bag