Jun 25, 2014

How to: Make Affordable and Easy Home State Art for Your Wall

Hardcore fan of your state? Or perhaps it just has a pleasing, graphic shape? Or perhaps you're simply looking for new awesome art to hang on your wall? Either way, check out this idea. 

home-state art DIY

This project makes a cool alternative to the family photo gallery, providing some personalization without getting too, uh, family photo gallery. 

Plus, the whole idea is made from scratch, so you can customize the look and build things to scale for your space. If you don't dig the white on medium brown look, consider black on natural wood, or turquoise on a walnut stain, etc. 

If you're not so much into states, then perhaps go for countries, neighborhoods in your city, or even planets (perfect for the kids' room). 

Waste no more time, grab your tools and head over to Make it & Love it for the full tutorial: “Home State” Scrap-Wood Art


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Tyler on Jul 02, 2014:

I literally was thinking about doing this two days ago. Just got finished with another project and thought it'd be a cool thing to do with the scraps. Great stuff.

Nigel on Jun 26, 2014:

This is very cool and perfect for 4th of July. It doesn't break the bank too. Simple but effective.