How To: Make a Rustic Hairpin Side Table

hairpin table DIY

I love the interesting texture and rustic approach to this natural side table. In fact, I could put one in every room, except for the price of buying four or five could get pretty steep.

So, I’m digging this DIY take by Upcycled Treasures. The rusty hairpin legs add another layer of rustic, though, if you buy them new they may not look like this, it’s always worth checking out craigslist for a true vintage set that you could use – for this tutorial, Upclycled Treasures shows you how to make your own, which is even better!

You’ll need a sturdy sander for to tear up the wood, but the technique creates a fun, natural edge. 

No, it’s not the same stool, and the finished product is quite different, but the techniques here are interesting and provide some awesome inspiration towards creating your own furniture with character.

To see the full list of materials and step-by-step photos, visit Upcycled Treasures: Small Rustic Stool with DIY Hairpin Style Legs