Jun 17, 2014

Before and After: An IKEA Dresser Gets a Custom Makeover

created at: 06/17/2014

The DIY blogosphere is rife with dresser makeovers. Like, completely full of them. And most involve some rescued thrift store piece, dinged up and the wooden finish too 70s to bear, which gets sanded, painted, and perhaps something graphic or colorful applied to the drawers. It's a great trick, practical, useful, and affordable, and you can find a million tutorials on how to go about it.   So, though the idea of hacking IKEA furniture is nothing new, this revamp-style dresser makeover on a new IKEA piece yields some pretty novel results: 

The process involved a little painting, a little finishing, and some light DIYing on the base to accept new legs. The whole thing gets a nautical, New England or even Scandinavian vibe; full of personality, but basic enough to match nearly anything. Clever. See the full process:

Before & After: A Basic Dresser Gets Dressed Up [DesignSponge.com]




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Terrie on Nov 15, 2014:

All I can say is, Is this conversation between Matt and Chris some kind of a joke? I hope so. Going back and forth about a dresser? Please find something better to discuss. Again, I hope this conversaation is a joke. Otherwise, it  is bizarre.

Chris on Jun 18, 2014:

No, it's not, but you've never "[pointed] out that painting everything white is not a creative act." You've actually never made a point at all, or shared a thoughtful, considered argument about why this doesn't work for you. You've said white furniture is "crap," or "sh**y," and maintainedd that somehow, the color changes the construction quality of a piece. Or, you've simply been critical, as below, without any reason, any conversation.

All you've got to say is, "you know what - I just don't find painting furniture white to be all that creative. Were I to try to makeover this piece, I'd try _______________" Just say something that makes sense, and has actual support, and is pertinent to the conversation. I always welcome that dialog.


James "Matt" Weston on Jun 18, 2014:

So wait a minute; pointing out that painting everything white is not a creative act is invalid?

James Weston on Jun 18, 2014:

Not white. Please not white.