Bring the Outdoors In: How to Make a Driftwood Coat Rack

I’m digging this rustic, cabin-look wall hanger DIY project, which adds some vibe, visual interest, and plenty of storage. The how-to comes from The Effortless Chicwho gave the whole thing a pseudo-feminine vibe, but I say forget the gold paint all together, and either leave it off, or choose a Scandinavian-style all black. Secondly, 

iAlso, when sourcing materials, consider other options besides “driftwood.” I’m actually not totally sure this is a piece of driftwood at all…it just looks like a birch tree limb to me, so keep that in mind when searching. 

But, the look is sharp, useful, and would work quite well in many masculine-style decors. Get the full how-to from The Effortless Chic: DIY // DRIFTWOOD WALL HANGER