Weekend Project: Make a Super Efficient DIY Campfire Starter

It’s the season of campfires: whether in your own backyard fire bowl, a rock ring at a weekend getaway to the lake, or a (designated) spot in a backcountry trail. And the best way to get them started? One match, and a guaranteed source of fuel. These DIY fire starters use nothing more than two natural, safe-to-burn ingredients: saw dust and wax. Sawdust should be pretty easy to come by for most ManMaker types; but you can always ask a friend or get some at a pet supply or in the grilling section of the hardware store. Paraffin wax can be found in some discount candles, or in the baking aisle of the grocery store. 

Get the full how-to at Wood & Faulk, and let’s go outside: Campfire Starters