Roundup: 6 Masculine Ways to Use Plywood in Your Home

Plywood DIY Ideas

Plywood. We love it. It's affordable, it's easy to work, and brings all kinds of warmth and texture into any masculine-friendly decor.

Furthermore, it can really match a wide variety of aesthetics – left unfinished, it's bright and modern. Filled with knots, it pulls off a rural vibe, and oiled and waxed brings out the cabin-lodge feel.

So, here's a collection of ideas to inspire you to bring in some ply this summer.

1. Wall panels and texture (at top): this Melbourne home got a huge upgrade when their owners decided to go all out on the plywood. The addition of this material made the room super airy and bright. You can do the same by installing bare panels of plywood on your walls or by building storage room or cupboards without painting or staining. You could even have it as a feature wall of just plywood. (image)

Plywood board

2. Communication or Memo Board: Buy a huge sheet of plywood, bring it home, put it by the entrance or by your kitchen and use it as a communication board for your home – leave notes, place art, add some mementos. You can spruce it up with some cool lighting like the one shown in the photo. Also, black washi or electrical tape look sleek and cool. (image)

Plywood desk / shelf

3. Desk / Shelves: With just a few pieces you can create a little reading nook or work area. Try creating a few different modules at different heights for visual interest. A few other cubes at floor level can help you organize magazines and other trinkets. (image)

Plywood Table

4. As Furniture / Decor: Build your own table! All you need is a long sheet of plywood, some pin legs from the hardware store or sawhorses (or any other legs of your liking), and you're good to go. You can make your own – easily – in a weekend. Don't know where to start? We have lots of table DIYs over here. (image)

Plywood tray

5. Accessorize: If you don't want to have HUGE pieces of plywood around your house, then you can go for something a little more subtle, a few touches here and there, like this tray for your couch (on sale on Etsy btw). You can use 3 smaller pieces and glue/nail them together to do this neat little tray (which will save you from spilling your drink on the couch).

plywood wall hanging

6. Make Some Art: If you want to be a bit more creative, then make some art with plywood! You don't have to create an insane design, something simple and rustic like the frame above works like magic. Use the wood grain and any other imperfections as part of your design – instead of covering them with paint, use them to your advantage to create unique patterns. (image)

See? Plywood. If you're looking for something cozy and modern, go for it.