Apr 21, 2014

Site of the Day: The Stupid Trendy Cocktail Bar Name Generator

created at: 04/21/2014

We've all seen them. We're walking around some urban gathering of boutiques, restaurants, and the like, and we stumble across some new bar with an aesthetic that inspires us to say..."Man, that's going to look so 2012 in a couple of years." You know the place: the bartenders arm garters, everything's served in mason jars, and there's probably a meat cleaver in the logo.   And, of course, the names. Designer Lauren Hallden came up with this humorous name generator, that plugs in random, obscure, 1890s-sounding nouns into that trendy cocktail bar format. 

created at: 04/21/2014

created at: 04/21/2014

Every single one is spot on, and probably already exists, or might as well. 

created at: 04/21/2014

It's hard to stop clicking... Give it at shot at Lauren's Site: Name My Bar

[via The Hairpin]



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