Apr 14, 2014

How to: Make Your Own Customized Gardening Tools

Even as an adult, I love playing in the dirt. Getting my hands dirty, nurturing a plant from a seed into something I can eat and feed my friends and family with...gardening, at least for me, is a not brainer for the guy living the "hands on" lifestyle.    So, I'm digging this customized, "paint dipped" garden tool project, and for two reasons: first, it serves as a head's up that you can get these classic wood and powder-coated steel gardening tools at Lowe's stores on on their site. And secondly, that a little bit of added color and some leather cording can turn them into something even more special. Make 'em for yourself, make some for your mom for Mother's Day...

Get the full how-to at Sarah Hearts: DIY Paint Dipped Garden Tools




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Sarah on Apr 18, 2014:

Thanks so much for sharing my paint dipped garden tools!