Weekend Project: Turn Yard Waste into an Awesome Lounge Chair

With winter finally making its way out of our lives (for now), there’s a whole lotta cleaning to do. Inside? Sure, but this also includes trimming all of those “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows”-looking branches and debris from your yard from all those record setting wind storms this year (yes, that happened too.)    Most times we use those branches as fuel for summer backyard fires, but this time, someone has taken it to a new level of cool by using the same logs to build a rustic/modern lounge chair.

lounge chair DIY

Homemade Modern totally nailed it with this project  – literally. We love the “as is” look with all the rough wood texture. This project is for intermediate/advanced wood workers/crafters as you will require some cutting tools and lots of drilling, but the effort is worth it. And hey, if you’re just a beginner, get a buddy to help you and trade it for some “lounge time” on the chair.

Go make it! Full instructions on Homemade Modern: Log Lounger