25 Men You Should Be Following on Instagram

created at: 04/01/2014

Looking for some Insta-inspiration?

No joking around: we love Instagram. It’s the sole social network still based on creating content and stories rather than sharing them, and it’s much better for it. Yet, on one hand you have millions of accounts which create a great community, but on the other, it can be quite hard to find the real talent and inspiration. So, we’re sharing 25 accounts that stand out from the rest – either because of their photo skills or because they always have something interesting to show from a masculine lens…i.e. a very low selfie rate.

We’re focusing on creativity and DIY, food, art, design, travel, and adventure… the images that can really transport you.

So, grab your phone and press that green button!

But, first! Don’t forget – ManMade is on Instagram, and it’s handled by our editor and founder, Chris. He really loves it (it’s the only social media platform he really checks anymore) and always needs more encouragement to post more photos. Come say hi!

Okay, onto the list…

Maurice: creative wanderer, photographer, and non-stop travel addict

CodeuVancouver based explorer

iGnant: Berlin-based interdisciplinary blog

 Alkarus: french man with a penchant for stylish garments

CruiserLifestyleGreat north explorer and nature lover.

 TheWildTraveller: Australian wild soul documenting his travels and the charm in every city he visits.

WithHearts: Photographer and designer based in Seattle.

TinoRenato: Indonesian photographer and lover of beautiful patterns and bold colours.

SantiagoDeHoyosVancouver outdoors lover and northen landscape badass.

MikeStinsoncreative photographer that goes beyond the iphone (film, DSLR, you name it!).

ArtfulDesperado: oh hey, totally doing a cameo here. No shame! But hey, I love to meet new insta friends 😉

DrVolland:Eyeball doctor and urban dweller.

DanielKriegermouthwatering images galore.

RvStapletoncreative director and photographer with a keen eye for minimal design and architecture.

JamesFitzFranzyou might be familiar with some of his photos which often appear on Kinfolk magazine. The rest of his feed is as good – even better – as the magazine itself.

AGuyNamedPatrickNew York explorer, coffee lover, and party maker.

TimRobisonjrIllustrator, photographer, and foodie.

Jelitodeleon: a devoted light chaser from Manila.

Dabito: An LA colour-obsessed designer that always manages to capture the best spots in town.

DansmoeInsanely beautiful feed full of photos that will make your jaw drop. Lots of snaps from Finland and the globe.

MikeGilger: Creative traveler, city explorer, awesome designer.

BryceEvansPhoto: storyteller, social change maker, artist.

CupofCouple: Spanish fashionistos and all-round super rad chaps that will take you on a trip from the runaway in Paris to the best cafes in Berlin. 

Monealthis feed will make you like you’re not on planet earth, but trust it’s all real.

SecretCities: a feed that will definitely satisfy all of your West Coast cravings

TomaszWagner_avid photographer with talent that’s out of this world. Love the mix of analog and digital photos.

If you have any other favorites that you think should be included on this list, leave them on the comments below. 

Happy Instagraming!

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