8 Ways to Take Care of Your Sneakers and Make Them Last Longer

Spring is the time for taking a break from your boots and embracing something much lighter and easier to wear: sneakers. Or tennis shoes, or whatever you call them where you’re from. 

The trick, however, is that while spring is a little less snowy than winter, it can still be pretty wet and muddy. Plus, as the line between “dress” and “casual” continues to blur, sneakers can actually be an acceptable option to wear with chinos and a sport coat…if they’re clean. 

With that in mind, GQ offers some tips for keeping your sneakers in sweet shape: ” We’re thinking that once you’ve got your hands on some sleek kicks, you might wanna know how to care for them. That’s why we consulted GQ creative director Jim Moore, sneaker cleaning expert Jason Markk, and a few other sneaker fiends about how to keep your coolest shoes looking (and smelling) as fresh as possible.” The tips include everything from cleaning to protecting to eliminating as much foot funk as possible.

Check it out: 8 Expert Tips for Taking Care of Your Sneakers [GQ.com]