Make Your Own DIY Leather Tablet Sleeve

created at: 03/18/2014

Protect your tablet from dust and scratches (or pet attacks) and make this super snuggly, stylish sleeve.

Molly from Almost Makes Perfect is a master of minimalist DIY projects. One of her latest projects is this iPad leather sleeve that’s super easy to make. We call it “tablet sleeve” instead of “iPad sleeve” as you could change the size of it to fit your device, no matter the brand.

Molly opts for white here, but we say go with more natural medium brown, or even raw vegetable-tanned leather. I actually just popped by the fabric store on the weekend and they had a bin full of odd-shaped leather trims that are super discounted, some for even $3 bucks per piece, which would totally fit this project, so be sure to check your local crafts/fabric store.

Once you gather your materials, head to Almost Makes Perfect to read the full tutorial.