How to: Make a Custom, Heavy Duty Tool Roll to Carry Your Tools Anywhere

95% of the time, a tool box is overkill. Whether taking some items to help a friend with a project, or just working on something in my own home two floors above my basement shop, the act of dragging out the toolbox, selecting the items from the pegboard and arranging them appropriately, and then lugging the whole thing around is simply unnecessary. 

That's why I love this super simple tool roll project. It's made of heavy duty fabric, so it's strong enough to protect your edges and your hands, while still being super light and easy to move around. Way better than taking an armful of screwdrivers and files and mallets. Just grab this in one hand and your trusty cordless drill/driver in the other, and go. 

This would also make a great way to organize the specific tools for a given type of project: metal working in one, leather tools in another, art/illustration in a third, etc.

Everything folds up tightly, allow you to store a surprising amount of hand tools on a single shelf.

Get the full how-to from ADintheStudio: How to make a tool roll – bring your hand tools with you anywhere! []