Weekend Project: How to Build a Rustic Headboard with Built-In Hidden Storage

Weekend project? On a Thursday? Yep, and for two reasons: one, I’ll be out of town tomorrow, doing a weekend intensive course and dive program to get my SCUBA certification. But two, and most importantly, this storage headboard project is exactly the sort of thing you could put together in a weekend. created at: 03/06/2014The project consists of a simple 2×4 frame that’s built out from the wall, making a basic box with the three walls surrounding. Then, it’s faced with some affordable cedar planking and a top, creating a nightstand-style shelf behind the bed with plenty of storage inside. 

created at: 03/06/2014

This project was designed for a rather small bedroom, where the headboard takes up the entire wall. If yours if a bit larger, you could skin off the sides, but unless you’re going to put something else on that wall, I say build it the full width of the room and really sell it as a focal point and a place to display your treasures. 

See the full step-by-step process and a timelapse of this build at Wood & Faulk: Wooden Crate Headboard