Best of Both Worlds: How to Make Bahn Mi Tacos

When you think about it, a great bahn mi sandwich and a perfect taco are pretty similar: a small amount of super flavorful meat topped with crunchy veg, something spicy, and plenty of aromatic cilantro and lime, all wrapped up in a tender, toothsome baked starch thing that brings it all together. So, it comes as no surprise that I Am A Food Blog put the two together, yet I’m certainly glad they did.

The recipe consists of crispy carnitas (tacos) with some kewpie mayo and pate (banh mi), topped with quick pickled carrot and daikon and some scallions (banh mi), lime, cilantro and green chiles (both!) and wrapped in a corn tortilla (tacos).

While I haven’t tried them out yet, these are going to the top of my list the next time we have friends over for dinner, especially since all the hard work can be done ahead of time.

Get the recipe at I Am A Food Blog: Banh Mi Taco Recipe