How to: Make a DIY Shop Brush Desk Organizer

created at: 03/04/2014

A few days ago, I stabbed myself. By accident, I mean. A misplaced X-Acto knife rolled under some paper scraps, and I jammed my left index finger right into the tip of its blade. As I was applying my second Band-Aid, I recalled this item I’d seen on Pinterest earlier that day; essentially, a broom head, flipped upside down to stash tools and desk items. It’s no longer for sale, but no worries, you can make your own in a snap. 

The trick, of course, lies in simply procuring the right materials. You’re looking for a “shop brush” or a “hand broom.” I had an old one I snagged from my grandfather’s garage, but they can easily be found online or at a local independent hardware store. Here’s a good one. (Perhaps your home improvement center carries them; mine doesn’t). Or, you can find a replacement push broom head, or might even look in the cleaning aisle for an old fashioned natural bristle scrub brush. 

created at: 03/04/2014

Whatever route you go, you can cut it to size, or cut off the handle, if desired. I’m keeping mine whole to maintain functionality as a broom. Two birds, one stone, no more cut fingers.

UPDATE: The craft knife blade is exposed in the photos. That, of course, is a mistake; I was trying to indicate what the tool is, rather than just have a silver tube sticking out. We definitely don’t recommend storing tools in that fashion. My apologies.