The Alien Hide Rug : Could You? Would You?


We found this leather, glow-in-the-dark alien hide rug on Hometone, who, in their post title, asks, “Alien Hide Rug: Creepy or Cool?” ManMade doesn’t like the question – of course it’s creepy. But does creepy necessarily mean its not cool?

Geekologie asks a different question, though, which might be a better determinant. “Ever made love on the back of a dead alien before?  

… And now you too can spice up your love life with an alienskin rug from Ukranian leather-fethisher Bob Basset (best known for his bitchin’ dragon backpack). Did I mention it glows in the dark? That’s to set the mood. Plus so you can see what goes where when you’re with a lady. Because there’s nothing awkwarder than making love on an alienskin rug only to discover you’re making love to an alienskin rug. Trust me. I had to marry it.”alien-rug-3.jpg


Creepy? Yes. Cool? Yes. Would I bring it anywhere near my house.

No freaking way.

Alien Skin Rug: Geekologie [via Hometone]

Thanks, Jo!