Weekend Project: Make a Leather Camp Axe Sheath

The winter weather isn’t quite over, but it seems we’ve seen the worst of the polar vortexes (vorticises?). So, while it’s not quite the time to head out on weekend camping trips (unless your loaded with four-season and mountaineering gear), it is the time to think about heading out on weekend camping trips and getting your gear ready.    

With that in mind, consider trying this sharp-looking DIY camp axe sheath project. Matt Pierce, the creator, says, 

Over this weekend I devised a way to hang my axe using some scrap leather to make a sheath. I’d sketched out some designs and made a few paper templates, and finally came up with something I liked and that fit pretty well. I thought about dying it, maybe burning something into it… but I can experiment with that later. Right now, I wanted to share it with you, and even give the template in PDF form in case any of you wanted to make your own. This fits a vintage Stanley, but you could mod it to fit whatever you might have.

Matt formatted the how-to into a downloadable pattern/tutorial. which could be enlarged or reduced to fit your axe blade.

Get it at Wood&Faulk: Camp Axe Sheath