Before and After: Adding DIY Legs Gives this Mid-Century Dresser a Total Transformation

created at: 02/10/2014

As a full time DIY blogger and editor, I see my fair share of furniture makeovers. Dresser makeovers, in particular, since their strong bones and relative low-level of use make them great fodder for a redo.

In a seriousness and sincerity – this is absolutely, 100% my favorite furniture makeover project I’ve ever come across online, or in print. 

Check out this after shot:    


Right? David and Sarah created new walnut legs that transforms this solid but a lightly worn dresser into a huge statement piece. Of course, it helps to have an amazing dresser to start with; Sarah picked this one up an an estate sale for only $8.00. But the real tricks lies in complementing the standard primer/paint makeover technique with these handmade legs. They look complicated, but they were built in a weekend with just a jigsaw and a drill.

Incredible. And totally doable. Start keeping your eyes peeled for the right piece to try this technique.

See the project in full at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs: Adding Legs to a Mid Century Modern Dresser | How To