Feb 05, 2014

DIY Idea: Make Your Own Taxidermy Bicycle Hanger

Austrian artist and designer Andreas Scheiger came up with this clever, functional piece of art: a taxidermy inspired wall-mounted bicycle hanger.    The project combines two of my favorite previous ManMade posts - a bike hanger created from drop handlebars, and the Picasso-inspired bicycle taxidermy. 

You can see Andreas' full collection for sale at Behance, but I think this is ripe for a DIY effort.

They sell wooden plaques at craft stores, but upgrading to a finer hardwood like oak, maple, or walnut and cutting them out with a coping or jigsaw would make a more elegant and stronger finished piece. You can find all sorts of plague, badge, and shield designs online for patterns. For used bike parts, check out your local bike co-op or community workspace. To attach, take your handlebars to the hardware store, and size the correct pipe straps in the plumbing section, available in galvanized and copper.

See them all on Upcycle Fetish: Crafts, Furniture Design, Sculpting 





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Chris on Feb 24, 2014:

@Anonymous - He sure did. We referenced that in the post above. What a brain he must have had...