Feb 03, 2014

How to Clean Old Paintbrushes

We've all got 'em...in the garage, in the basement, on a piece of newspaper on your work table behind you even though you finished that project two weeks ago and already promised yourself you'd clean it up three times. (Ahem, Chris.)    Quality paintbrushes are designed to be used over and over. Like, hundreds of times. Some say they even get better with more use. Emil Evans has the scoop on what to do with old, paint-crusted brushes, with some clever solutions to remove the grime once the paint has dried.

Check it out: How to Clean Old Paintbrushes [Apartment Therapy, photo by Lost Found Art]



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Chris on Feb 04, 2014:

Good tip. Thanks!

Anonymous on Feb 04, 2014:

If you do have exprensive brushes though(not just for the walls)...do NOT clean them in extremely hot water! The temperature will slowly begin to melt the glue that holds the ferrule and britsles in the handle.