Apr 18, 2016

DIY Idea: Make These Simple Rustic Wooden Crates to Use...Everywhere

This simple wooden box is part of the Crate series by London designer Jasper Morrison. It's made of Douglas fir and, as the designer suggests, "is suited to many applications such as a bedside table, storage or occasional table."   

It doesn't seem like the series is available for purchase anymore...which is okay, cost it was pretty costly. Doug fir is incredibly affordable and very easy to work. The genius of these boxes is the solid back panel, which provides lots of rigidity and allows the crates to be used for storage in multiple configurations. 

Of course, fir is a softwood, and if you really wanted these to be secure (say for sitting) you'd want to up the joinery to something more than just butt joints (Morrison's design used box joints). But for lightweight use, you could assembly one of these with $20 worth of wood, plenty of glue, and a simple handsaw. Grab some clamps, and go. 

See more at Jasper Morrison: The Crate and Established and Sons 



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HardcorePrawn on Apr 19, 2016:

For a ready made alternative you could use the wooden crates that wine and champagne is delivered in. Some years ago I had a friend who worked in a fancy hotel who could get his hands on loads of them, we used to sand off any rough edges, varnish them, then sell them at local craft markets for a healthy profit. The boxes that housed champagne magnums were ideal for storing CDs (kids, ask your parents) as they had three compartments that could be used for shelving.

james on Feb 06, 2014:

Good wooden crate project. We can use this box to carry the things or might use it for storage boxes in toodler rooms and kitchens.