Weekend Project: How to Make a Custom Knife from Scratch

Kitchen knives, pocket knives, craft knives….a creative guy who likes to make stuff simply has to cut things up on the regular. Here's the ManMade list of the nine knives every man should own, but if you're interested in crafting your own from raw materials, it's actual relatively straightforward and requires fewer tools than you might think.    created at: 01/10/2014

Phil Reilly walks you through the steps towards creating an entire knife from scratch. The blade is cut from a sheet of steel with a hacksaw, the handle formed from a block of walnut…everything but the brass bolster and hardware is DIYed. 

Phil says, 

I love to design and make things – it’s my passion! One day at work by boss showed me a picture of a kitchen knife he made completely from scratch and after that, I knew I had to make one. He said it was “one of the most rewarding things you can make!” – He was most definitely correct!
I had such an enjoyable time making this knife that I felt I should share it with you guys and hopefully persuade some of you to have a go yourself! Be warned, that this process is time consuming (took me about a month of on and off work)! However if you put the time in, you will most definitely see the reward!

Rewarding, indeed. Get the entire how-to at Instructables – How to make a knife