Dec 15, 2017

How to: Make Nutella Hot Chocolate

created at: 12/18/2013

It's not that hot chocolate is hard to make...especially if you go for the little packets of powder. But there's definitely something seriously straightforward about making a fresh cup with only two high-quality ingredients that makes it much more likely to enjoy a cup every night between now and the new year.   

The MerryThought came up with this clever recipe to create some seriously addicting hot cocoa from a bit of Nutella warmed in milk. One, two, done. Christmas cheer. 

Nutella Hot Chocolate [The Merrythought] 


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Anonymous on Apr 18, 2014:

Ooh that was so good thanks for that recipe

Mark Moore on Dec 28, 2013:

We fixed this last night using whole milk.  Best hot chocolate I've ever had.  Luvin it!

Andy Wang on Dec 23, 2013:

so nice hot chocolate, happy to try