DIY Idea: Make a Balanced Bookshelf

My friend Jaime recently shared this super cool decor installation piece from Cush Design Studio on her always excellent site, Design Milk. Entitled “Balance Bookshelf,” each item is handmade by Chris Cush in Brooklyn, and designed to “[help] you visualize your stack of read books vs. unread books…[and provides] motivation to get some reading done.”  

Cush’s design is simple but executed perfectly, and uses easy-to-find parts such as galvanized pipe fittings, lightweight pine shelves, and twine. We’d never recommend directly copying the work of an independent designer/maker, but the design has me thinking of all kinds of other interesting ideas to display items in kinetic ways.

How could you take inspiration from the Balance Bookshelf in your own projects? Do you like that this piece isn’t designed to store an entire library, but provide an ever-changing way to interact with your home decor?

Check them out on Cushdesignstudio’s Etsy shop: Balance Bookshelf [via Design Milk]