Nov 13, 2013

DIY Idea: Make a Large-Scale Pegboard Organization Wall

Apartment Diet shares this cool image of pegboard organization writ large. Taking inspiration from small scale pegboard sheets, where the holes are spaced one inch on center, a large sheet of plywood is drilled to accommodate 1" thick dowel rods for a fully adjustable and re-imaginable organization system. 

In practice, this would be super easy to execute and make for a super rustic yet functional look for most rooms in your home. We approve.

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Mike on Nov 14, 2013:

Aw man, I was hoping this was a tutorial, haha. I'm a total noob, but this looks like it'd be a good 'first project'. 

I'm wondering; would the ply need to be mounted away from the wall, so that the dowel can sit further through the holes and be less at risk of falling/wiggling out? 

Also wondering how I'd go about keeping this thing upright... I live in a rental, so I don't want to mount it permanently to the wall.

Perhaps I could alter the design so that the ply sheet actually leans against the wall, and the holes are drilled on an angle so that the dowel sits horizontally. 

That complicates things a little... not even sure how to measure what angle would be required for the holes!