A Recipe For a Smoky “BLT”…. for Vegetarians

2010_05_18-BLT.jpgThe three things I love most about summer are, in order: 1) That it stays light outside until nearly 10 p.m., 2) Permission and reason to grill outside until nearly 10 p.m., and 3) the fresh local food that I grill outside until nearly 10 p.m. Okay, so perhaps my summer evenings tend to look mostly the same…but of course they do! All that fresh local produce deserves its time in the sun (boo…), and where I live, the two superstars are local sweet corn and crazy awesome tomatoes.

So, you might imagine I end up with tomato sandwiches and grilled cobs at least three nights a week. And most often, my tomato sandwiches are the standard BLT  – why improve on a classic? But last night, I tried this  vegetarian tomato sandwich from Country Living, and i gotta say… it’s totally a keeper. Made with beefsteak tomatoes, rustic bread, smoked bleu cheese, and rosemary mayo, it gets it right on all accounts.Smoky BLT (for vegetarians) : Country Living

(photo and via the Kitchn)