How to: Make DIY Star Wars Snowflakes (Free Templates)

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created at: 11/07/2013

Designer Anthony Herrera has released a brand new set of Star Wars snowflake templates, free for downloading and making en masse as you settle into the holiday season. Anthony’s been offering a fresh batch each year (previously here), and says about this round: “It happens every year. The days get shorter, a sub-zero chill is in the Hoth air, the wampas start venturing into your hidden home base, and new Star Wars Snowflakes are introduced for holiday crafting fun. New to 2013, battles. It just isn’t Christmas without a T-47 Snow Speeder making an attack run on an AT-AT, or Luke Skywalker facing down a hungry Rancor beast. Enjoy 13 new designs. So, get yourself a sharp cutting blade and have fun.”

Each year, the designs get a little more complex as Anthony takes on more intricate characters and images, including some that only the super fans would recognize inside these rather elegant shapes. Snag all the templates – for free – at his site. Thanks, Anthony!

Star Wars Snowflakes 2013 


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